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If you are more than 3 mins late to your booking the system is set to auto cancel. Technically you have now missed the booking. Depending on the service, if you have booked more than 1 service the technician may assess the time left and speak with you about what you can still have. This is not possible if you are very late and have past your booking slots. 

We do not run late for bookings, so we will not rush a service which could result in a brow mishap or inconvenience other clients. Think of it like you have booked a flight, if you are late then you forfeit. 
You can text or email as soon as you know you will be late and if we can slot you in within the next 30mins from the original booking time, we will try, but this depends on the technician and other bookings. THIS IS AT OUR DISCRETION. 

Whether you try to call or text as we allow 3hrs within your booking slot to change/cancel and send reminder texts and emails, we feel it is your responsibility to make sure you book a time you can attend a booking without risking running late. If you do, then rightfully we can keep 100% of the booking cost. 
If  you cancel 3 hours prior to your booking start time as per TERMS & CONDITIONS & CANCELLATION POLICY, you will receive account credit for the value and you can rebook at your leisure for the same value.

Once you book a slot and pay it is binding and we do not do refunds.

So, please make sure you pick the correct time/date and please change it if you cannot make it. As we see it, everyone knows what they are doing at least 3 hours beforehand and therefore we believe giving our clients 3 hours beforehand which is very generous of us. Most other places only give 24 hours. So as a courtesy to us, please LOG back in and CANCEL it rather than simply showing up LATE or NO SHOWING as it is taking up a spot in the queue from someone who may be desperate to get their services done that day and they will miss out.
Before you cancel your booking, make sure you have read our Cancellation Policy

1. Click the VIEW BOOKING button from your confirmation email or SIGN IN from the BOOKINGS page.
2. It will redirect you to your booking and allow you to cancel your booking. Wait for the WIDGET to download and SIGN IN.

Please note that we have a strict cancellation policy. We only allow cancellations 3 hours prior your booking time. If it is past that time, you will NOT be able to cancel as you have forfeited the booking.

Alternatively, you can click SIGN IN from our home page to be redirected to our sign in page. Go to your bookings and select the booking you want to cancel.

If you have any issues please send us a text to +61 (0) 412 719 311 (NO CALLS) or email us on, this is not an acceptable method of cancellation at the last minute. We are with clients and therefore not checking emails/texts, we check periodically so make sure you contact us ahead of time.
Shops 109-113,
Level 2
412 George St, Sydney 2000

+61 (0) 412 719 311 (TEXT ONLY)
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We use Lash XD products that are vegan, cruelty free, medical grade and amazing quality